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Baby, Letís Go Get You a Buck!
2 Guns are Better Than 1

My husband, Eric Stacy, and I have been hunting together for years. We hunt an area in Pine Grove, La. in St. Helena Parish-Louisiana. I love hunting from new cutover and he from the deep woods. It took a lot of prodding to get him to place a tripod far into a cutover area overlooking short pines because of the many obstacles to get it there, but he relented.

His gun is a 30-30 and mine is an automatic 30-06. When I didnít make a hunt he would use my 30-06, but when we hunted together he would use his 30-30.

We always start our hunts together with him saying "Baby, Letís Go Get You a Buck!" giving me that extra incentive to continue hunting after having already made a long morning hunt.

Many evenings we teamed to "Our Spot", I watched one area of the woods; he kept his eyes on the other. He has the eyesight of a hawk so our teaming up had more to do with him helping me spot the big one.

As often as we can we will make several evening hunts together during the season. We do it so often that sometimes it becomes impossible to be serious and we begin giggling over the days hunting events or just plain ole cracking jokes to keep us from being bored, always wondering how any animal would walk out let alone a deer. Many times past dark we would just sit and enjoy a full moon rising over the silhouettes of the night time creatures. We love this time together, it is our quality time.

One evening in December, we were watching our respective areas. Our positions put my left shoulder to his left shoulder. This was the best arrangement since he shoots left handed and gives each of us the best shooting position. Suddenly he yells "I see a buck!" and I mean yells, surely this buck would be in the next parish by now, taking with him every deer in the field. Luck had it that I wanted the tripod secured by extra rope to a tree, this afforded Eric with extra concealment. He caught his breath and took another look, his hawk eyes came through, and he could see him rubbing his rack over a branch. I was glassing the woods and he was trying to sight him in. I am telling him how big it appeared, you know, just to make him a little more nervous. He scopes him, tells me to get down for the shot and cover my ears. I am waiting, my heart is pounding loudly and I can hear his as well. When are you going to shoot I ask, frustrated over the wait. He looks down at me, panic in his face. Do you think you can hand me your gun? I donít think mine can fire the distance (130 yards). Huh? Was he kidding me? My gun? I can hear the words ringing in my ears: "Baby, Letís Go Get You a Buck"! In the moments that followed, we swap guns. Surely this deer has heard all this commotion and forgotten about enticing a doe and discouraging another buck. I go back to my head down position. FINALLY, boom! Up I came for a look! I spot the buck in the binoculars, and his big head is gyrating around and still hidden by most of the short pine. He is down but not out.

Eric must have transitioned into a jack rabbit because before I knew it he had hopped down the ladder faster than that speeding bullet to check out his prize. Suddenly I noticed that he had no gun in his hands. Where are those walkie talkies when you need them? I yelled to him holding his gun out for him to see, he runs back so fast he trips, he doesnít notice, the only wound heís concerned with is the one to that buck. Gun in hand he takes off again. I am watching the deer still moving, I am ready to take aim if he appears to jump up. Eric makes it to him, has to put the second shot, this time with his 30-30. He was an eight point 175 # beauty. It appears he had been working a rub and scrape in the immediate area right on the edge of those short pines.

All this excitement and no one to show it to, it was a Wednesday and most of our members are weekend hunters. Bragging had to wait.

Did the Green Eyed Monster show up today? You bet! Oh Yes, I was jealous, this was supposed to be my buck. How many times had he said to me, "Now Baby Letís Go Get You A Buck" How can you deny a hunter that thrill on the one he spotted? Each hunt feels like it is your first. That Green Eyed Monster was eaten by the pride one hunter shows for the accomplishment of his fellow hunter and my pride as his wife.

We will continue our buddy hunts on what I hope will be many hunting evenings to come. My buck will walk out one day. Should Eric have to take one again, while weíre team hunting, Iím sure weíll reflect back to this day for a moment, Iíll cover my ears, Wonít Give Him My Gun*, Wait for the kill, Hope there are lots of hunters at camp, and Will be just as proud as I was that day to witness that undeniable grin that all hunters have after the kill. I look forward to that Yes! Yes! and the big high five. Thatís what keeps us as sportsmen (women) in the woods.

Oh! By the way, he now scouts cutover areas to place "our stand", what a guy!

Kerry-Ann Donley Stacy.

*P.S. Santa Claus brought him a new 30-06 pump. Good Luck to him this hunting season and all Hunters.

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