Do you really know a lot about deer and deer hunting?
 Well, now we'll really see.

Good luck!! DEERDOPE

Question #1: A deer spends 70% of his life bedded?
True False

Question #2: Do deer sleep like you and me?

Yes No Unknown

Question #3: How many times can a doe come into estrus in a year?

Just once 2 times 3 times 4 times 5 times 8 times

Question #4: What is the average life span of a whitetail?

3-4 years old 7-8 years old 35-40 years old

Question #5: How long does it take for a buck to grow antlers?

20-24 weeks 4-8 weeks 12-16 weeks

Question #6: A whitetail's interdigital gland is located where?

On the inside of the back legs Between the toes At the base of the antlers In the corner of the eyes

Question #7: A deer with a deformed right antler has...

Received an injury to its left side Received an injury to its right side. Received an injury directly to its right antler

Question #8:Whitetails are capable of breeding when?

During the pre-rut Only during the rut. During the post-rut All of the above

Question #9: An arrow kills by...

Puncturing the body cavity Hemorrhaging caused by cutting Shock from the impact of the arrow All of the above

Question #10:The best way to tell the age of a mature whitetail is to...

Count the number of points on its antlers Weigh it Check its teeth for wear