What is ? in the Deer World

Buck ...The adult male of the deer family.

Doe ...  The adult female of the deer family.

Fawn ..A young deer, normally under a year old.

Rack ..A term used to refer to a deer's antlers.
Rub ...  The mark on a tree trunk where a buck rubs his antlers.
Rut ...   A period of time in the fall when breeding takes place.
Scrape ...An area on the ground that a buck digs up during the breeding season.

                    This will alert does that he is in the area.
Shed ...A name used to refer to a deer's antler after it has been dropped (or shed)  

                during the winter months.

Sparring ...When two bucks use their antlers to twist, shove, and push each   

                         other, in order to test each others strength.
Velvet ...A soft coating on the newly developing antlers of a deer.
Yard ...A confined area in which deer will group together to live during severe winter conditions.